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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Our Landscape Lighting Services

Transform your outdoor area into a stunning night-time oasis with Sprinkler Repair Guy’s landscape lighting services. Specializing in both design and installation, our expert team brings your vision to life, enhancing the beauty and safety of your outdoor spaces. We offer a variety of lighting solutions, including accent lighting to highlight architectural features, pathway lights for safety and navigation, and ambient lighting to create the perfect mood for your garden or patio. Our energy-efficient and durable lighting systems are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to withstand the elements. With a focus on creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction, Sprinkler Repair Guy ensures that your landscape lighting is as functional as it is beautiful, turning your property into a dazzling display after dark. Light up your world with us – explore our landscape lighting services today!

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Illuminate and Transform Your Outdoor Space with Sprinkler Repair Guy Landscape Lighting Solutions

At Sprinkler Repair Guy, we believe that the right lighting can dramatically enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Our landscape lighting solutions are designed to bring out the best in your property, making it safer, more inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Here’s how our services can benefit you:

Benefits of Landscape Lighting:

  • Extend Your Outdoor Living Space: Transform your patios and backyards into evening retreats, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying peaceful nights with family.

  • Highlight Landscaping Decor: Emphasize the beauty of your yard’s features, like water elements and garden beds, with strategic lighting placements.

  • Enhance Property Value and Curb Appeal: Make a lasting impression and potentially increase your property’s value with well-placed, attractive lighting.

  • Safety and Security: Illuminate walkways, stairs, and uneven areas to prevent accidents and deter potential crime.

  • Create a Unique Ambiance: Use lighting to set the mood for various outdoor activities, from lively gatherings to tranquil solitary evenings.

Top Landscape Lighting Brands We Work With:

  • Unique Lighting Systems: Known for their beautiful, durable designs and weather-resistant options, Unique Lighting Systems offers a wide range of styles with a lifetime warranty.

  • Kichler Landscape Lighting: A leader in the industry, Kichler provides an extensive selection at great value, backed by exceptional customer service.

  • FX Luminaire: This brand is notable for its educational resources and innovative product line, including the latest outdoor lighting technologies.

Our Approach to Landscape Lighting:

Customized Design: We work closely with you to create a lighting design that reflects your style and meets your specific needs.

Professional Installation: Our team of experts ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, using only the best materials and techniques.

Energy-Efficient Solutions: We offer a variety of energy-saving options, including LED and solar-powered lights, to keep your outdoor space illuminated without high energy costs.


With Sprinkler Repair Guy, your landscape lighting is more than just illumination; it’s an enhancement of your lifestyle and property. Contact us today to discover how we can light up your outdoor world.


Comprehensive Guide to Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Cost

Average Price: $3,000 – $20,000 

Per Light Cost: $162 – $210, including labor and materials 

Property Size-based Estimates: For 1,000-3,000 Sq. Ft. properties, the cost ranges from $1,200 to $3,500 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting enhances yard appearance, safety, and security 

Improves the home’s safety, security, functionality, and appearance

Increases aesthetic, safety, and security of home and yard (Source: Kichler Lighting).

Types of Landscape Lighting

Includes Path & Area Lights, Spotlights, Flood Lights, Up & Downlights, Wall Wash Lights, Inground Lights, Deck Lights, Step Lights, Hardscape Lights, String Lights, Garden Lights, Post & Bollard Lights, Spike Lights, Flame Lights, Well Lights 

Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting

Consider the area to illuminate, purpose (security, decor, landscaping), and budget. Ensure lighting is suitable for outdoor use with proper safety ratings

DIY Installation of Landscape Lighting

Installation improves safety and enhances yard features. Choose from solar, low voltage, or line voltage systems 

Maintaining Landscape Lighting

Regular cleaning and maintenance extend light life and functionality. Tasks include trimming plants, cleaning fixtures, checking cables, and replacing bulbs (Source: Install-It-Direct).

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